Descartes dungeon is an RPG adventure game that also teaches coordinate geometry.  Players control an Indian Jones-style character stuck in a dungeon. The maps of the dungeon use the language of Descartes' coordinates. The player must learn to relate them to the physical geometry of the dungeon and solve problems to escape. It is a fun adventure and you'll learn something.

This is a part of initiative called to create fun, story rich educational games for understanding mathematics.


  • Use arrow buttons UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT to move the adventurer around.
  • Press X to use sword.
  • On dialogues, press or tap or click to move it forward.
  • When presented with options, select with arrow keys and press enter. On mobile screens tap.
  • ESC button or on-screen ESC to go back to main screen / save game etc.

If dialog appears stuck, press/tap to move it forward. This appears to be an issue only on HTML.


Check game credits screen for details.



Install instructions

  1. Play in the browser
  2. Windows: Download windows zip file. Unzip and click on the .exe file.

Development log

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